Doors, barriers or gates will be opened after the transponder has been verified. This can be expand with the registration of details like the transponder number, person, vehicle or date and time.

The RFid transponder system offers excellent possibilities to electronically grant people or vehicles access to for example certain doors, buildings, rooms, areas, industrial sites, bungalow parks.

Our in-house developed system has a simple design and can easily be fitted to your specific needs. The individual access controllers do not have to be in a continuous connection with a central server. This works because the access rights, validation date or validity information are all stored in the transponder. It is also possible to issue a one-time usable transponder, to use for example in case of emergency.

If you want, we can expand the access control with a system for registration. This gives you the possibility to check which person went past an access controller at a given place and time. This can give valuable information in case of an accident.

Gate Hand Ports