Motorola Professional Series - Mobile and Portable Radios


Launched in 1999, Motorola has sold nearly 4.5 million Professional Radios proving that it is now the de facto standard for on-the-move radio communications. All radios offer unrivalled crystal clear audio quality thanks to Motorola's X-pandTM technology.

The Professional Series comprises 16 portable radios and 8 mobile radios, tiered to reflect the communications requirements of all licenced radio users. Robust and reliable, all radios have passed Motorola's gruelling Accelerated Life Test which simulates five years hard use in the field.

GM Professional Series Mobile Radios

Motorola GM Professional Series Mobile Radios are most suited to users who communicate from a particular vehicle, powered by the vehicle's 12 or 24v power supply, or a fixed site in a building when they are powered from mains electricity. Both offer excellent range from roof-mounted antennae. User groups include haulage fleets, taxi companies, utility providers and roadside recovery organisations.

GP Professional Series Portable Radios

The ergonomically designed Motorola GP Professional Series Portable Radios are for users who need to keep in touch all the time when moving around work areas - be that an organisation's site or sites, a number of cities or a large region using their own or leased space on a third-party repeater. User groups include construction and manufacturing workers, security teams and event management and hotel staff.

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