In 1973, Rotil started selling consumer electronics and electronic components. After a while, this was extended to services such as repairing and installing of these products.

At the end of the seventies, the building of antennas, the installation of central antennas and satellite systems was added to the company's activities.

Through all technical and electronic activities performed by Rotil over the years, the engineering branch originated.

About twenty years ago, the activities of Rotil spread to Schiphol Airport. We developed a unique communication system for aircraft tractors. Partly due to the fact that our system kept up with the shunter's authorizations, the aircraft push-back can nowadays be performed by a single person. Almost all aircraft tractors at Schiphil airport use this system.

By doing several different mobile radio communication projects, Rotil became specialised in this area. Because of this, the core business shifted from consumer electronics to a business-to-business market.

Several years ago our companies' activities have been split up into Rotil b.v. and Rotil Communications b.v. The most important activities of Rotil b.v. is concentrated on selling satellite materials and installing of these systems. Rotil Communications is focused on inventing and realizing solutions for voice- and dataconnections over a radio link.

Above all, this division was needed to keep the arrangement of matters and activities in Rotil clear, but also because of the difference in scale. Since there is a big difference between both activities, the division could be realized easily.

Rotil has been a well-known name for more than thirty years.

Until august 2004, Rotil was based in Middelburg, at the Rotterdamsekaai:

Old building at the Rotterdamsekaai

In august 2004, Rotil moved to the Bedrijfsweg:

New building at the Bedrijfsweg